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Locking Period18 month18 month18 month
No of B21 Tokens Locked15,00025,00040,000
Load Limit$1,000$5,500$25,000
Security Deposit$100$500$2,500
Activation FeeNILNILNIL
Shipping CostNILNILNIL
*Monthly ChargesNILNILNIL

*Monthly charges of $6 for Teal, $10 for Gold and $15 for Black, 2nd year onwards

*Security Deposit is 100% refundable

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No of B21 tokens Locked030015,00025,00040,000
Portfolio Manager
Buy Assets
Sell Assets
Load funds with Card
Load Funds with Bank transfer
Load Funds with Local Payments
Earn Referral Rewards
Earn Deposit Rewards
Withdraw to Bank
Earn Interest (Defi/Cefi locking)
Reduced Trade Fees
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Free FV Bank Account *
Instant Funding to FV Bank Account *
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Miles Paschini & Nitin Agarwal - Inventor of Crypto Linked Cards

Experienced Team

Founders who Invented “Crypto Linked cards” in 2014

The founding team behind B21 Invest holds a combined experience of 30+ years working in the Fintech and Payments industry.

The founders are also credited with the invention of the industries leading debit card products adopted by users in over 70 countries.

Other services include – providing crypto friendly US and Europe banking for Businesses and Individuals.

B21 is Provided by Digital Software Solutions Ltd.