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What have we at B21 achieved this April, and what are we preparing to support you and our stakeholders over the next months? Overall, we’ve doubled our userbase and continued working on improving our product. From a better registration flow and an optimised KYC process, our app is increasingly user friendly to help us achieve our goal of reaching 100 million users (and for that we recommend you watching this new interview with Layah Heilpern and B21’s founder, Nitin Agarwal). What else is there? Read ahead for more updates!

Product: new one-clicking staking.

Staking is typically confusing, complicated and costly. We’re changing all that with B21 Earn. We’ve partnered with Celsius Network, one of this industry’s most interesting and legitimate platforms, to bring “one-click staking” on the B21 app.

“Partnerships with crypto innovators like B21 are game-changers for the every-day retail investor looking to cryptocurrency as the new asset class of the future” – Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius.

In brief, with a single click you can stake or unstake your entire portfolio. We offer weekly payouts every Tuesday, without lock-in, and up to 18% annual percentage yield, or APY. There’s also no minimum balance and you can withdraw anytime!

“B21 is proud to be partnering with industry leader Celsius which provides the best rates and experience for earning yield on crypto assets. We have the shared goal of bringing in hundreds of millions of users to crypto” – Nitin Agarwal, Founder and CEO of B21.

Growth: focus on convenience and education.

After our website update in March, we have been increasing our communication focus. This newsletter was founded in April to educate the overall cryptoasset community, trying to suit both newcomers and experienced traders. So feel free to hit reply and let us know if you have any feedback regarding it!

Oursocial media has also been growing, with a 150% increase in followers over the past 4 weeks who now have access to a simple and safe Invest, Earn, and Spend offering. All this has been reflected in the recent appreciation of the B21 token, which jumped 65% over the past 7 days. But always do your own research!

The Desi Crypto Show: top-notch interviews

Our weekly interviews with other global crypto projects and key participants of this community are a great success. Check April’s episodes with timestamps below:

What we’re working on: crypto cards, DeFi, and multi-chain

  • Earn passive income, staking of the entire portfolio in one simple tap.
  • Easily spend crypto balances with B21 crypto credit card global launch.
  • Use B21 in your preferred blockchains, e.g. Solana, Matic, and Polkadot.
  • B21 and NFTs – something we’re brewing for you. Stay tuned!

One last thing: serving our community.

The B21 team has partnered with COVID Crypto Relief Fund to provide banking access to convert the donated funds into INR. Learn more about the story here.

Get started: download the B21 Crypto app!


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