B21 Founder's Mail

B21 Invest — Founder’s mail

Dear Token Holder,

We have had a very exciting two years building the B21 app! We are very humbled by all the support our community has given us! If you have not already, please support us and download the B21 Invest app and use our great product.

Today, we are very excited to inform you that we have completed funding with CCIX Global in the form of equity and tokens. You can read about it here. As part of this investment from CCIX Global, we are welcoming Mr.Vishal Uttam to our board of directors. Vishal will assist us in strategic investment matters.

Also, the B21 token is available to trade on a major exchange called BitfinexThe Bitfinex listing is a major step in supporting our secondary market exposure. The B21 Token is also available for trade on Hotbit. The B21 token will also be listed in the future on additional exchanges.

We are also very excited to announce that in the coming weeks you will be able to stake participating tokens in your portfolio to earn rewards. These rewards will be paid out weekly and expressed in an APY. This brings the complicated world of DeFi to our users in a simple click of a button. We have also already launched the B21 International card which allows users to easily withdraw portfolio value to their card and spend or withdraw cash globally!

We believe that we all are on a very special mission, to make investments simple for everyone. The B21 team would like to thank you for all the support and feedback which has brought us this far.

Please continue to support us and do not hesitate to write to us with any questions or ideas you have.

Stay Safe. Invest Regularly.


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