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B21 Invest – Weekly Update March 31

What have we been busy with this week

At B21, our team is dedicated to provide regular updates and product improvements even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The entire team is working from home — providing the best of the product updates and features. While taking care of family is the most important task at hand, we are focused and resolved to make B21, the best investment app.

The first set of users including our friends and family have already onboarded and started investing. Our marketing team is also working on an omni channel marketing campaign to bring more users into the B21 family.

Based on the feedback of our current users, we are constantly bringing updates on the B21 app giving a seamless experience. This week we improved the User experience by updating certain aspects in the onboarding process. We also added a new feature — You can now add funds directly to your cash balance in the B21 app so you can maintain a cash balance and invest instantly when you desire.

What’s next ?

Integration of the B21 Token — Very soon we will introduce the B21 token in our mobile application, which is used as a utility token and allows users to receive discounts when paying for their fees and to earn VIP levels in B21.

Exchange listings– We are in talks with the top exchanges to get the B21 token listed thereby increasing the external trades of the B21 token and giving additional benefits to B21 users. While timing is important, we do have agreements in place with exchanges to conduct the listing and are preparing for the listing launch..

ACH — We are now working on enabling instant deposits with ACH for our U.S. customers, this feature will enable users to fund their account directly from their U.S. bank instantly. This is one of the most requested features on B21 and we are making it happen..

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